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... anchopology is an Amsterdam-based graphic designer, art director and cultural anthropologist working on print design, online identities, websites, book covers and lay out for a wide spectrum of clients in academia, education, coaching and the cultural industry ... 

... growing up with Aruban roots in a small village located in the south of the Netherlands, I became aware of overt and covert in- and exclusion mechanisms at a very young age. Eventually this lead me to study Cultural Anthropology, fascinated by how people treat each other and why. What is culture?

On my path to becoming a cultural anthropologist specialised in gender and material culture (MSc, University of Amsterdam), I studied Graphic Design (BA, De Montford University, UK).

I aim to research fascinating and mundane topics anthropologically, like I did in Hong Kong (2009 & 2010), and to communicate my findings visually: to combine my academic and anthropological skills with my conceptual and design skills. My personal purpose is to create more intersectional equality and it fulfills me to contribute to this goal in my work.

In collaborations I value interdisciplinary projects and mindful communication, as well as longer lasting professional relationships. My hour rate is €90 before tax if you are a non-profit organisation and €115 if you run a profitable business. Discounts are negotiable depending on the available budget or the situation. I work with pre-agreed planning and quotes.

Do you want to make meaningful beautiful together? Please feel free to get in touch at hello@anchopology.com or +316 20 50 36 62 (during CET business hours)! 

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