Marketing communications Dutch Originals Furniture

… for Dutch Originals furniture I wrote and edited for web and print, designed off-and online adverts (Interior Business), brochures (for VT Wonen trade fair), manuals, exhibition design  (Dutch Design Week), web design and created social media content, mood boards and illustrations. Also I worked in the website's CMS ...

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Ad Interior Business 1 anchopology Ad Interior Business 2 anchopology Ad Interior Business 3 anchopology Banner Dutch Design Week anchopology Muurtekst Dutch Design Week anchopology Flyer ready for print anchopology Garantiekaart 1 anchopology Garantiekaart 2 anchopology Garantiekaart 3 anchopology Garantiekaart 4 anchopology Hoes garantiekaart outside anchopology Hoes garantiekaart inside anchopology Montagehandleiding 1 anchopology Montagehandleiding 2 anchopology Montagehandleiding 3 anchopology Montagehandleiding 4 anchopology Montagehandleiding 5 anchopology Montagehandleiding 6 anchopology Montagehandleiding 7 anchopology DDW interior anchopology Brochure VT Wonen trade fair 2 anchopology Mood board 1 anchopology Mood board 2 anchopology Mood board 3 anchopology HNY Facebook anchopology HNY Insta anchopology Nicole Unicole VT Wonen anchopology Brochure VT Wonen trade fair 1 anchopology Copy designers 1 anchopology Copy designers 2 anchopology Copy designers 3 anchopology Copy designers 4 anchopology Copy DO sound 1 anchopology Copy DO sound 2 anchopology HNY LinkedIn anchopology Reminder Insta anchopology Reminder anchopology Mood board 4 anchopology Mood board 5 anchopology Web design 1 anchopology Web design 2 anchopology Illustratie 1 anchopology Illustratie 2 anchopology Web design 3 anchopology Illustratie 3 anchopology Web design 4 anchopology Copy Destination Design 1 anchopology Copy Destination Design 2 anchopology Illustratie 4 anchopology Web design 5 anchopology Illustratie 5 anchopology Web design 6 anchopology Illustratie 5 anchopology Web design 7 anchopology Illustratie 6 anchopology Web design 8 anchopology Web design 9 anchopology Web design 10 anchopology